Temporary Staffing

Purely the workforce

In our temporary staffing service, we provide the most suitable workforce for our partners.

With this service, we provide the workforce with all the administration required, so our partners resources can be focused on the strategic work instead of being used on operational tasks. The hired workforce doesn’t belong to the hiring company’s staff, doesn’t increase the number of employees and the volume of their fees.


Adjusting to the employers’ needs

When is temporary staffing appropiate?

  • Fast solution to seasonal changes
  • Dealing with one time tasks, fixed term project
  • Temporary, unexpected lack of workforce
  • In the case of high fluctuation
  • In the case of hiring ban  (if you are in need of more workforce, but cannot hire directly)
  • Efficient management of internal structural changes
  • If your organisation doesn’t have an HR/payroll department

Staff preparation

Reliable, prepared, efficient workforce

When we offer our temporary staffing service, we offer reliability.Our goal is to make sure that eployees trained and hired by us are performing their tasks to the highest standard, with regard to our partners’ corporate culture.


The advantages of temporary staffing

What are the advantages of enlisting smart jobs’ temporary staffing service?

  • the costs of recruiting and selecting the employee are not on you
  • you save valuable time spent with recruitment and selection
  • we provide HR administration and payroll, the legal responsibility is ours
  • you don’t need to maintain a large number of employees, even if your business requires a large workforce base seasonally
  • flexible, quick availability, our hired workforce can pick up the work in the matter of days (with medical certificates, work contracts)
  • decreased negative effects of holiday and sick leaves at your company
  • we ensure stability, with a quick solution to any problem that might occur
  • your costs will reduce, the invoice we provide can account as your operational costs, which means optimised expenses and more efficient operation

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Temporary staffing is a three-pole employment, where the Lender hires it’s workforce to the Borrower with the purpose of labour.

There will be a civil contract between the Lender and the Borrower, and there will be a contract of employment between the Lender and the employee.

The Lender and the Borrower excercise their work rights and obligations together.

Temporary staffing is controlled by the law of year 2012. 1st law 214-222.§ and the modified 118/2001. (VI. 30.) government decree.