Permanent Placement

Recruitment and professional selection

At Smart Jobs, we undertake recruitment and selection for our customers needs.

Our professional ethic and special selection methods helps us find the best candidate who fits our customer’s needs. In the case of successful employment, we offer a guarantee.

With our permanent placement service, your company can save time and money during the selection process, so you can focus your resources to your main activity.

Páciens koordinátor

The right person to the right place

Our professionals at Smart Jobs gathered many years of competence in the most determinative industries. They face every challenge of permanent placement and recruiting in various sectors with much needed professional confidence.

We provide a dedicated contact experienced in successful client projects related to the given field, with sector specific knowledge and experience.

Our colleagues will help not only with recruiting and selection. That means they not only introduce potential candidates or fill positions, but throughly measure and synergistically connect with our customer’s principals, fundamentals and systems.


Dedicated personnel consultant

Our goal is to create long lasting value and build a long term business relationship. Our HR professionals at Smart Jobs will aim to became a valuable member and consultant of our customers.

Due to our sector specialization, our dedicated personnel advisor has valuable knowledge and experience in the positions of the given field and follows news, trends and dynamics.

Our consultant understands our customer’s needs, has knowledge about technologies, laws, and the professional and financial contexts of functional business areas. It may be full time or project-based employment, our colleague at Smart Jobs will actively help our customer to find the best possible employee to every special field.


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It is important to us that our customers benefit the most of their investments in human resources.